Unearth your herd with Hiatus.

Somewhere out there is your dream customer. Let’s find them.


Your product or service is the answer to someone’s prayers.

That person (whether they know it yet or not), is searching for you.

By getting inside their mind, taming the Google machine, and making sure you pop up in their consciousness at all the right times, that stranger will soon become the newest member of your herd.

Brand Messaging Packages

If you don’t really know what you’re saying, and who you’re saying it to, then my Brand Booklet is for you. It’s a mini, stripped-back version of a Style Guide that you might receive from a Branding Agency, and the clarity it brings to your messaging will blow. your. mind.

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SEO Packages

These days, business owners just can’t be ignoring search engine optimisation. I offer both on and off-page SEO services, including a website SEO health check, an on-page SEO cleanup, Google Search Console integration and management, Local SEO, as well as Google Analytics reporting.

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Content Marketing Consulting

Strategic and intentional content marketing involves producing high-quality content, and then implementing a few basic paid retargeting systems and automating a set of conversion funnels. It’s a strategic system that unlocks a steady stream of new, ideal customers. Let’s unearth your future customers.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is more important than ever before—it’s a vital part of the customer journey and enables deep and genuine conversations with your audience. With significantly higher conversion rates than other platforms, as well as the ability to automate to deliver at scale, you’ll want email marketing on your team!

Content & Inbound Marketing Strategy

If you’re a savvy small business owner who’s ready to learn about and commit to building your community using content marketing, then we need to talk.

Unlock new and ideal audience streams by creating & automating exceptional content.

Through a tailored content marketing strategy, plan and execute strategic techniques to attract new (and ideal) audiences using keyword-researched, unique and high quality content, conversion funnels and remarketing campaigns.

Ensure that your business ranks on search engines with best-practice on and off-page SEO.

If you haven’t heard of ‘SEO’ (or you’ve been intentionally neglecting it!), you’re missing out in a BIG way.

Let’s get you ranking on search engines, so that you can attract your perfect audience to your business.

Build a memorable brand that people trust, respect and recommend to friends in a heartbeat.

Do you know your core values? Can you articulate your unique offering? Do you know exactly who you’re selling to (like, intimately)? If not, it’s time to get crystal clear on your brand messaging so that you can attract your dream audience.

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