Written by Ellie Keft

January 8, 2021

Having now worked in content marketing for a number of years, I’ve noticed some common themes with a successful content marketing program. That’s why I’ve super creatively and originally (🤣🤣🤣) coined ’The Three S’s of Great Content Marketing’ in this quick article.

The Three S’s of Content Marketing are:


Content Marketing Needs a STRATEGY

Approaching content in your business STRATEGICALLY means asking WHERE you want to end up (OBJECTIVE), WHY you want to end up there (PURPOSE) and HOW you can get there (METHOD).

It’s about planning, measuring, evaluating, analysing and learning.

Content Marketing Needs SYSTEMS

Setting up SYSTEMS and processes to help you achieve your content goals is, I think, where most people fall short and is the reason why most people struggle.

Things like, having a content calendar, time blocking your diary for content production, having systems set up to communicate effectively with anyone you’re collaborating with, and using both tools and automation in your process that capitalise on the tech available, so it’s not as labour and emotionally intensive as it can be.

Content Marketers Need STAMINA

And finally, being consistent with your plan, having the STAMINA to push through; if you say you’re going to do X, Y and Z, having the determination to prioritise it because you know how important it is, and just do it, regularly.

I hope that laying it out like that helps you understand a little bit about what has to go into a successful content marketing program.

And well, I hope it starts to help you realise that you CAN do it, it’s TOTALLY possible.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments 🙂


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