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Here you’ll find a description of available services. The rates included are a rough indication of your investment, but I always send a more accurate quote based on your requirements.

If you’re interested in working together but you’re not quite sure exactly how, please get in touch for a chat.

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branding and audience definition unsplash patrik michalicka
Brand Positioning & Audience Definition

Audits, brand messaging clarity and signature business branding documents.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

On-page + off-page SEO audits, technical fixes, performance reports.

Content & Inbound Marketing Strategy unsplash carl heyerdahl
Content Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Audits, process design, conversion funnel strategy, content calendars and more.

Most Popular Packages

I’ve included some indications of my rates below. Please keep in mind though that this might differ, depending on your requirements, what assets you already have, and what your budget is.

After we’ve had an initial chat, I’ll be able to provide you with a tailored quote.

All tasks can be scaled up or down, and there are other digital marketing areas that I help some clients with, so please reach out and let me know what you need help with.

Website On-Page + Technical SEO Health Check

Before you can diagnose and cure a sick patient, you need to assess their overall health – and it’s no different with your website! That’s why my Website On-Page + Technical SEO Health Check for your website is the best place to start.

The stated price is based on standard small business website, with less that 500 pages in total, and no e-commerce capability or membership platforms. But if your website includes less that 10 pages, then it’ll be cheaper, for example.

I’ll run your website through a few of my favourite SEO tools, picking up any crawl errors, missing HTML tags, and bulky components (like images), that might be slowing down your website.

I’ll provide top-level usability advice (user experience), I’ll comment on any mobile device issues I pick up on, and I will assess your backlink profile.

I’ll wrap all of that up into smooth little audit doc, complete with prioritised recommendations and next steps. That way, you’ll know which things you can fix by yourself (love a bit of DIY!), as well as those more technical (or annoying) jobs that you might want to outsource.


  • Crawl error analysis for your website (up to 500 pages)
  • Identify any missing HTML code on your website that is required by Google when ranking your website
  • Feedback on your top pages (up to 6 top navigation pages, and up to 5 other pages), including heading tags and structure, images, UX, site speed fixes, internal/external links, etc.

N.B: It helps if you’re able to give me access to the backend of your website, as I will be able to diagnose issues more easily. If you don’t want that yet, that’s fine too – I’ll still be able to assess your site without that access.

$560 AUD

Starts from

On-Page SEO Cleanup

Let me give the on-page SEO on your website a thorough cleanup. I’ll duck out to the supermarket, grab some heavy-duty washing gloves, earth-friendly detergent and some sponges, and clean the bejesus out of your dirty website.

If you’ve already complete the above ‘Health Check’ with me, this next step is a lot easier – I’ll already have spent time digging into your website’s guts, I’ll know my way around the CMS and I will know exactly what needs to be done.

If you have completed a health check with someone else, I may still be able to help, but I’ll still need to do a few quick preliminary checks before I start.

In this On-page SEO Cleanup service, I’ll fix things like: title and meta descriptions, heading tags and hierarchy, URL structure, and focus keyword placement, image size and alt text, crawl errors and broken links, and I’ll also add internal links to your page. If there’s anything else that needs fixing that I come across, I’ll provide recommendations.


  • On-page SEO fixes as above up to six of your top navigation pages (usually that will be pages like HOME, ABOUT, SERVICES, EVENTS, PORTFOLIO, BLOG, CONTACT).
  • On-page SEO fixes as above for up to five other pages of your choice (would recommend this is your top-performing blogs or landing pages that are evergreen and still relevant to the business, I can recommend which pages we tackle based on data from Google Analytics, if you have it set up)
  • If you have more pages you want fixed, let me know and I can include in the initial quote.
  • My preferred platforms are WordPress & Squarespace. If your website is built on something else, depending how complicated it is, it may attract a higher rate to fix – some website pagebuilders just aren’t built for SEO, so the fix may need a workaround, or may not be possible at all.
  • *To complete this, I will need access to the backend of your website.

$420 AUD

Starts from

Brand Questionnaire & Booklet

It’s important that businesses are crystal clear on their branding and key messages, values and target audience.

My Brand Questionnaire & Booklet service is perfect for those business owners who know they need more branding clarity but can’t seem to find the time and get-up-and-go to get. it. done.

After you’ve filled in a comprehensive questionnaire, you’ll receive your Brand Booklet within 2-3 weeks. Print it out and keep it within arm’s reach – this is your bible. You’ll be able to refer to it when marketing your business, creating new products and services, or even when you’re re-strategising your entire biz direction.

Defining your messaging, values and audience can be a really hard thing to do for yourself. I provide the external, disconnected and analytical component to branding that is essential in getting to the core of your branding.


I will extract all of the juicy info out of you that I need, with a range of questions and prompts, and I’ll deliver it to you in an aesthetically pleasing, well-articulated yet succinct printable PDF, which will include:


  • Your core values, ethics and purpose
  • Your unique offering(s), proposition and promise (including your elevator pitch)
  • Your key audience personas (ideal target audience)
  • Your goals, vision and mission (they’re all different things!)
  • Key highlights printout posters
Google Analytics Foundations & Maintenance

Implementing a system for monitoring and evaluating your online performance has never been more important. I find that people tend to overcomplicate this, but here’s the thing… it doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this Google Analytics Foundations & Maintenance service, I will ensure your Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration is set up and firing correctly on your website. I will then create your own, personalised spreadsheet where you can track your online performance.

You’ll be able to record your users’ behaviour on your website to learn what, how and when they’re consuming on your website. Recording this information will help you to assess the success of your marketing activities, or perhaps help you to identify what might not be working.

It’s important to benchmark where you’re at as well, if you’re starting new marketing activities, such as blogging or email marketing. This is a great way to do that.

Plus, by segmenting the data into organic vs. overall, we’ll be able to see how you’re going with organic traffic and on-site behaviour. ‘Organic’ just means traffic you haven’t paid for from search engines.

There are two options with this service: 1) the ‘DIY’ option, where I get you set up, and you enter that stats yourself each more; or 2) the ‘All Sorted’ option, where I get you set up, and I log into your Google Analytics once a month and take down the statistics.

Analysing the data and identifying action points isn’t part of this package, but I’d be happy to quote you for that if you’re interested. For example, I can provide you with a monthly online performance report including stats, learnings and recommendations.

And, as a bonus to this package, you’ll receive Google Search Console (GSC) integration setup and sitemap submission.


  • Set-up and integration checks for Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Personalised Google Sheet for you (or me) to track your online performance month-to-month via Google Analytics reports
  • DIY: Initial setup + Google Sheet
  • All Sorted: Initial setup + Google Sheet + monthly data collection through GA
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Sitemap submission via Google Search Console


  • Post analysis and recommendations
  • Training on how to use Google Analytics (if you’re interested in this, I can provide you a quote)

*N.B. I will need access to the back end of your website to integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console and implement any tracking codes.

    $140 AUD

    ‘Do It Yourself’ Option

    $70 AUD / month

    ‘All Sorted’ Option

    The 'Your Its Their' Proofreading Service

    I’m constantly seeing the most basic mistakes in people’s social posts.

    That’s cool, I’m not judging you. But as a self-confessed grammar and spelling perfectionist, I’m in a great position to offer a quick and easy service to people that can make a huuuuge difference to the perception of your brand. Especially if your ideal target market is remotely educated, academic, intelligent or luxe.

    When you misspell ‘its’ as ‘it’s’, YOU won’t notice you’ve done it (that’s why the problem exists, right?). But I can guarantee you that some of your audience will notice, and they will note that down as a reason not to trust that you’ll do what you’re saying you’ll do. I do it, my friends do it, my boyfriend does it. I guarantee you that there are people who do it when reading your communications.

    Spelling and punctuation mistakes erode trust and can build barriers between you and your potential customers.


    How does it work?

    Unless you’re on a monthly package with me, the ‘Your Its Their’ proofreading service operates on a ‘credit’ basis. That is, you ‘buy credit’ and my proofreading skills are ‘on tap’ for you* until your credit runs out. The rates are as follows:

    Social media posts

    • Short (<100 words) – $5.00/post
    • Medium (<300 words) – $7.50/post
    • Long (<500 words) – $10.00/post

    Blog posts

    $17.50/ 500 words, e.g.

    • Short (<500 words) – $17.50/post
    • Medium (<1000 words) – $35.00/post
    • Long (<1500 words) – $52.50/post
    • X-Long (<2000 words) – $70.00/post
    • XX-Long (<2500 words) – $87.50/post

    *8-office-hour turnaround time (unless I let you know I will be away), but in most cases it will be quicker than that.

    What doesn’t the ‘Your Its Their’ proofreading service include?

    • Sentence structure or syntax – I may suggest a new paragraph, a capital letter here or there, but nothing more structural than that.
    • Anything to do with the actual subject matter at all (no fact-checking). You’re the expert on that.
    • I’ll only delete/ add words if there is an obvious typo.

    $5-$10 / post

    Social Posts

    $17.50 – $87.50 / post

    Blog Posts

    Local SEO Starter Pack

    Local SEO is subset of SEO in general, with the added objective of ranking for relevant ‘local’ search terms, such as ‘barbers in bowral’. If you have a business with a physical location, and you service customers from a particular geographical location (a town, or a few towns), this is for you.

    If you have direct competitors servicing the same geographic location as you (e.g. ten barbers in bowral), then Local SEO is the method you’ll use to ensure you’re showing up in Google above those competitors. So, after you’ve taken care of the fundamentals of SEO, making Local SEO your next priority is likely to bring you your best results.

    This starter pack will include the creation and optimisation of your Google My Business profile, a list of business directions for you to start creating citations and building backlinks, and guidance with creating those business listings (Zoom calls, etc.). As a ‘starter pack’, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Local SEO.

    Not included in this starter pack (but available and recommended as a next step):

    • Local keyword research
    • Lists of local keywords to target
    • Lists of blog topic ideas targeting those keywords
    • Copywriting for blogs (targeting local keywords)
    • Homepage optimisation (with local keywords)
    • Existing content optimisation
    • Local area landing pages
    • Schema markup
    • Link building strategies and techniques (guest posting, local resource creation, ‘skyscraper’ technique, etc.)


    Starts from

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