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Brand messaging (or ‘brand positioning’) and audience definition is all about getting your ducks in a row before you do anything. Defining what you’re saying, how you’re saying it and to whom you’re saying it is so important, and will make every single social post, email, new product design or press release 100x quicker and easier.

What’s ‘brand messaging’?

Brand messaging (sometimes called ‘brand positioning’ or ‘brand position statements’) is about articulating exactly what you’re offering, and to whom. It’s about identifying your ‘edge’, your ‘special sauce’ in the your market. And it’s about drilling down into your core values, your goals and your ideal target audience.

In order to stand for something and win the trust of the audience you’d like to serve, you really need to intimately understand what you believe, what your values and ethics are, what you’re actually offering, and the tangible value that you’ll actually bring to your audience if they choose to buy from you, or work with you.

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In order to stand for something and win the trust of the audience you’d like to serve, you really need to intimately understand what you believe, what your values and ethics are, what you’re actually offering, and the tangible value that you’ll actually bring to your audience if they choose to buy from you, or work with you.

What does it mean to ‘define your audience’?

Defining exactly who you’re talking to is one of the most important preliminary pieces of research you’ll do when it comes to branding.

Initial audience definition involves a little bit of mind reading, a little bit of creative licence, and a lot of fundamental psychological concepts.

It involves unearthing the deeply-held fears, challenges, hopes and dreams of your ideal target audience, so that you can speak to them in the right way, and ultimately serve them in the right way.

Building out ‘audience personas’ or ‘audience avatars’ involves giving your ideal audience a name, an age, a personality and a complete set of hopes, dreams and painpoints.

How can I help you define your brand messaging and target audience?

Depending on where you’re at in the process, I can offer you different solutions to your brand messaging.

If you’re just getting started and you have zero in the ways of organisational documents outlining your core values, goals and audience, I’ll send you through a questionnaire to fill out which will pick your brains about your business.

I’ll then produce a Brand Booklet (usually around 30 pages), as well as some individual posters that you can print off and stick around your office/bedroom/dunny/etc.

These posters will remind you things like WHY you do what you do (when the going gets tough), WHAT you really offer (the tangible ways you change people’s lives through your product or services), and WHO you’re serving (helping you keep your language and concepts aimed at Arthur not Martha – or the other way around).

If you’ve tried to define your brand messaging before but you kinda ‘half-arsed’ it, that’s alright too. I can take what you’ve got, tidy it all up, maybe ask some further prying questions if I need to, and then deliver you the Brand Booklet & Printouts.

The booklet covers:

  • Your Why
  • Your Vision, Mission & Goals
  • Your Offering & Promise
  • Your Target Audience Personas
  • Your Brand Story

And, I can always just do the sections you need, rather than the full shebang.

Brand Messaging Rates

I’ve included some indications of my rates below. Please keep in mind though, that this will differ, depending on what you need, what assets you already have, and what your budget is.

After we’ve had an initial chat, I’ll be able to provide you with a tailored quote. All tasks can be scaled up or down, so please reach out and let me know what you have in mind 🙂

Brand Questionnaire & Booklet

It’s important that businesses are crystal clear on their branding and key messages, values and target audience.

My Brand Questionnaire & Booklet service is perfect for those business owners who know they need more branding clarity but can’t seem to find the time and get-up-and-go to get. it. done.

After you’ve filled in a comprehensive questionnaire, you’ll receive your Brand Booklet within 2-3 weeks. Print it out and keep it within arm’s reach – this is your bible. You’ll be able to refer to it when marketing your business, creating new products and services, or even when you’re re-strategising your entire biz direction.

Defining your messaging, values and audience can be a really hard thing to do for yourself. I provide the external, disconnected and analytical component to branding that is essential in getting to the core of your branding.


I will extract all of the juicy info out of you that I need, with a range of questions and prompts, and I’ll deliver it to you in an aesthetically pleasing, well-articulated yet succinct printable PDF, which will include:


  • Your core values, ethics and purpose
  • Your unique offering(s), proposition and promise (including your elevator pitch)
  • Your key audience personas (ideal target audience)
  • Your goals, vision and mission (they’re all different things!)
  • Key highlights printout posters

My Brand Booklet brings together the juicy core of your business into one tasty booklet. It includes your core values, your ‘why’, your value proposition and elevator pitch, your vision and mission. It also includes three audience personas, plus printouts for you to stick up around your desk. Get clear on your brand messaging and product or offering design with this little gem.

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