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Chances are, if you’re trying to sell something, build an email list or grow a social media following, you’ll need to employ some strategic thinking – enter content marketing.

What’s ‘content marketing’?

Content marketing is a less ‘pushy’ form of marketing that uses the creation and distribution of blogs, e-books, and videos, plus tonnes of other media, to draw your ideal customer in. In fact, it’s sometimes known as ‘pull marketing’ because it does just that; it pulls us in by answering our questions, preempting our pain points and offering solutions before we knew we even had a problem.

On top of creating great content, strategic and intentional content marketing involves implementing a few basic paid retargeting systems and automating a set of conversion funnels.

Strategic, semi-automated content marketing makes accessing a steady stream of new, ideal customers, a core foundation of your business.

It means you’ll have more time to do the stuff that people are paying you to do. It means they come to you, and not the other way around.

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Strategic and intentional content marketing involves creating great content, implementing a few basic paid retargeting systems, and automating your conversion funnels.

How can I help you with your content marketing strategy?

For the personality buffs here, I’m an INTP – that means that I’m Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking and Perceiving. Strategic thinking is my jam. I love looking at a business’ situation, resources and objectives, and coming up with a unique solution to their goals. And, I reckon I’m pretty good at it!

I can audit your existing strategy, or produce a new one for you. I can also complete in-depth user journey mapping to ensure that your people are getting a-class treatment at every single touchpoint. I can also create content calendars, project roadmaps and periodic reviews and analyses.

I can also help with inbound marketing strategy and techniques, which is all about strategic ways that you can urge a website visitor to take a certain action (conversion), using crafty psychological things like User Experience (UX) and direct response marketing.

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Pricing for Consultations + Strategic Services

After we’ve had an initial chat, I’ll be able to provide you with a tailored quote. All tasks can be scaled up or down, so please reach out and let me know what you have in mind 🙂

Marketing Strategy Review + Key Recommendations

This is a turbo-charged review for those on a budget—here’s the process:

  • You’ll receive a questionnaire from me to answer some basic questions about your objectives, resources, skills, etc.
  • I’ll review the questionnaire and will book you in for a 30-minute Zoom call if I have questions.
  • I’ll spend a couple of hours reviewing the questionnaire, and all your digital platforms (website, socials, etc.). I’ll take note of what you’re doing well, what you’re missing out on and what gaps need filling or tweaking in your customer journey and marketing efforts.
  • I’ll send you top-level insights and recommendations
  • You can decide whether you need a more in-depth strategy, or perhaps a consultation session ($70 for one hour for existing clients).

$280 AUD

Starts from

Marketing Strategy Review + Tailored Marketing Strategy

This is similar to the above service, but instead of top-level insights and recommendations, you’ll also get a tailored content marketing strategy document that will serve as your roadmap.

It’ll cover:

  • Objectives (including objectives you’ve mentioned, and objectives I recommend)
  • What platforms to focus on
  • What content to focus on, including the medium and subject matter

This service provides you with a content marketing strategy with a mid-level of detail. It’s not going to go into every nook and cranny of your strategy, but to be honest, most small businesses don’t need that level of detail. And I like to be really open and transparent about what’s really going to help you move forward.

Other important things to tackle in your content marketing are:

This includes a Zoom call to discuss and come up with a plan of action.

$560 AUD

Starts from

One-off consultation - 60 mins

If you literally just need a chat, someone to bounce ideas off and get some clarity, this is for you. Your initial session will attract a higher fee, and after that we drop down a little bit. If you think you want regular consultations (say, weekly or monthly), let me know and we can work out a discounted rate.

$110 AUD

First consultation

$70 AUD

Subsequent consultations

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